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Simon Thomas
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I have 8 years of combined experience as a marketing manager / social media manager, product manager, and CRM.

Some highlights:

• Quarterbacked product and marketing for encrypted VoIP/messaging that was featured in TechCrunch, from concept to launch, pre-selling 1,000+ seats in a matter of days with zero advertising budget.

• Built from scratch an entire social media program and business model for #1 user-contributed news website, scaling it up to 40+ promoters and hundreds of distinct automated publishing channels, generating 1MM+ clicks a month, thereby quadrupling traffic in less than 2 years, from 6 million pageviews a month to 24.5 million pageviews a month, with zero advertising.

• At #1 virtual personal assistant service and a Time Magazine top 2 website of the year, generated record-breaking profits during entire time there, while inventing “Dedicated Assistant” service line, that now has become industry standard service and term.

• Becoming the youngest manager in the entire company for world’s biggest non-profit, took over admin for the largest non-profit salesforce (SFDC) implementation, closed backlog of 200 inherited cases , while, at the same, managing product development in cross-functional team for multiple apps that are still used to this day.

Career Timeline

  1. -
    Product Manager, Unseen (formerly Unsene)

    Unseen is a recently launched secure messaging/VoIP app owned by the former CEO of NBC Internet. As a co-founder, took product from concept to launch and then divested myself, when it needed to be reengineered for scale. • Reporting to the CEO, with an ad hoc team across two continents, quarterbacked product and product marketing from strategy decks, brand identity, UI/UX, and wireframes to display, email, social, and content marketing campaigns. • Featured in TechCrunch as a secure alternative to Skype. • Pre-sold 1,000s of subscriptions without even advertising budget. • Optimized lead generation funnels across web display, article marketing, and social media and set up a free to paid sales funnel • Presented lead generation plans and provided ongoing metrics to the executive team. • Tripled (3x) checkout rate by split-testing headlines, videos, calls to action, check out buttons, and e-commerce providers. • Produced and launched campaign videos using social media that loaded 286,952 times to date with up to a 57% view rate (vs. 12.1% industry average) and 65% completion rate (vs. 47% industry average).

  2. -
    Product Manager, Before It's News

    Before It’s News is the fastest growing user-generated news website with 4.2MM articles and Alexa of 750 in the U.S. • In less than 2 years, with zero advertising, using entirely social media / content marketing lead gen. and on-page optimization, quadrupled (4x) pageviews/month (6MM to 24.5MM pageviews) & pages/visit 82% (from 1.55 to 2.82 pages/visit). • Created social media promotion program (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Reddit), including developing business model to pay promoters based on clicks generated, scaled team to 40+ promoters generating 1MM+ pageviews/month. • Project manager for analytics integration to track and optimize across social media across channels. • Optimized front-page to automatically surface most viral articles in real-time using integration with Chartbeat analytics.

  3. -
    Digital Marketing Consultant / Owner, Marketing Prince

    Marketing Prince was a product management and marketing services company I owned • Product marketing, lead gen, content marketing, business process optimization, CRM, social media, SEO, SEM from startups to established companies • Created, branded, trained, and managed traffic services team of U.S. managers and overseas/U.S. promoters in unique form of social media wagon-style SEO (connecting Twitter, blogs, Squidoo/Wetpaint, and destination website) • AdWords account admin/optimization. Used specialized keyword research, landing page, and ad creation software to run 1,000’s of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), e.g., AdWords, Yahoo, campaigns composed of tens of 1,000’s unique ads matched to exact keyword and landing page

  4. -
    Interim Product Manager/Product Marketing Manager, AskSunday

    AskSunday was at the time the most award-winning virtual assistant service • Generated record-breaking profits from when started until company acquired. • Created and built out new full-time “Dedicated Assistant” service, now an industry standard term and service. • Developed and optimized sales funnel utilizing social media, email marketing, SEM, and conversion optimization. • Refreshed website for rebranding and set up one-time offer with a 33% take rate. • Utilized SEO to obtain #1 SERPs for core keywords, such as “virtual assistant service.” • Developed and launched email campaign taking backorders for sold out service during Today Show feature.

  5. -
    Product and Marketing Manager, HJ Ventures

    HJ Ventures is a startup incubator owned by serial entrepreneur and venture investor Howie Schwartz • Product management and product marketing management for web products–including trend tracking app, online appointment setting app, and web training course–from business requirements gathering to application development and launch planning.

  6. -
    CRM & Online Marketing Specialist, uQast (formerly FreeIQ)

    FreeIQ (now uQast) is a leading social commerce platform owned by internet entrepreneur Brad Fallon who personally hired me. Until investment funding fell-through: • Creation of advertising sales presentation decks and project management of client mockups during development of corporate advertising program in seed-funded startup • Research valuation of online video companies

  7. - Admin / Product Manager, United Way of America

    United Way is the biggest non-profit and has the largest non-profit implementation • Product manager for salesforce (SFDC) custom app developments from business requirements gathering to configuration/integration including project management of cross-functional team. • After started, solved and closed a backlog of 200 tickets. • Led salesforce CRM onsite training, and presented at national user group.

Proudest Accomplishment

Quadrupled traffic in 2 years, from 6 million pageviews / month to 24.5 million pageviews / month

Education Highlights

  • BA
    Swarthmore College


  • 3.75
    GPA in major
  • 303%
    Increase in monthly pageviews
  • 82%
    increase in pageviews per visitor


  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Online Marketing




San Francisco: (415) 890-3501

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